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  • Scroll through some of our parent testimonials here…

  • Everything is GREAT! My child is doing well and the healthiest I’ve seen him in years. His education is finally a successful part of his life.

  • AIOA teaches to each student individually; thank you for that!

  • Thank you for all that you do for my daughter. She is enjoying her experience with you and loves her lessons.

A Message from founder and CEO, Mr. Blaine Taylor

Welcome to AIOA. Founded in 2009, AIOA was designed with the concept of educating the individual student.  Each and every student is unique and has a different learning style.  I have spent over 50 years educating people in various capacities around the world, and truly enjoy watching students learn and grow in their confidence and capabilities.  I believe that when a student is successful, the world is successful.  The faculty and staff at AIOA also believe in the power and strength that comes with individualized learning and are supportive of each student’s needs.  With the convenience and flexibility that our school offers, it becomes a perfect solution for home schoolers, students that travel or live in a foreign country, or simply students that are looking for an accredited US based education they can complete anywhere in the world.

I hope you find this website helpful and informative.  We look forward to welcoming you to AIOA soon.


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What People Say

  • AIOA was a life saver for us.  My daughter developed a medical condition that prevented her from attending our public school on a regular basis and she was really struggling.  We enrolled her in AIOA and she was able to work at her own pace.  Some days she couldn’t do her lessons but she was able to work harder the next few days.  The flexibility was so necessary for us.  Thankfully she is better now but she is still enrolled in AIOA.  She found that her lesson plans were more in depth than her previous school and she was able to focus on the things that interested her the most.  The web links allow her to broaden her learning into things outside the traditional curriculum of a brick and mortar school.

    Another point of flexibility that we have enjoyed is traveling.  She can go and visit her grandparents and school goes with her; anywhere there is internet service she is able to study.  Vacations are no longer limited to summer and spring break.

    Teresa – Spring, TX

  • American International Odyssey Academy and Individual Learning Paths

    Visitor American International Odyssey Academy Review: I have a gifted 2nd grader who excels in math. We tried different online math programs and curriculum, and we recently found the most amazing program and curriculum that gives my child an individualized education, and that is what we all want, right? It is actually a private school called American International Odyssey Academy – AIOA and it is very affordable.

    When we started him in the math class, they gave him an assessment to place and determine his level and masteries…… Read more at the link below.

    Read More

    Casey – Bennett, CO


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