AIOA offers a private, individualized education starting at just $49 a month.

AIOA courses are designed to fit each student individually.  The courses are built by teachers and are inclusive of all instruction.  Your courses will come with pacing schedules built in as well as helpful online resources to supplement your student’s learning.

Independent Study – Students work independently with their proctor and/or guardian.

Pre-K (age 4) tuition is $49/month  Special promotional offer $29/month

K-8 tuition is (age 5-13)  $99/month   Special promotional offer $49/month

9-12 tuition is (age 14-18) $150/month  Special promotional offer $75/month


University Concurrent Enrollment Program – Please check office for details.

University Program requires tuition and fees to be paid in full at the beginning of each semester.

Thank you for choosing AIOA and we look forward to our learning adventure together!

If you don’t see a program here that fits your needs, please contact us at or +1 435-535-2081 for more information about custom programs!

*Limited time offer

*Prices will remain at this low price with continuous enrollment.

Step 1

We have a very simple process to enroll in the courses of your choice.  Please visit our Course List page to view available courses.


Step 2

Download the following forms:

Web Consent

Download Now

Sign the Web Consent Form; upload the Web Consent Form into the Registration Form (next step) or email it to

Student Handbook Form

Download Now

Be sure to read the Student Handbook in its entirety as you will acknowledge and sign for this during the application process.

Records Request Form

Download Now
If you are transferring into our program you will need to download the Records Request page and have your counselor return it to us with your official transcripts.

*All transcripts are required to be translated into English.  Non-USA transcripts will require a $49 processing fee.


Step 3

Now you are ready to complete the online Registration Form!  Please complete one registration form per student.
If you have any questions, need help with the registration process, or would  like information regarding family discounts, please contact us at or 435-535-2081.

 Open Registration Form

Registration Form

Please use Month/Day/Year format

If student does not have an Email address please use Parent/Guardian Email address.

Choose up to 6 of the core subject courses.

Check the appropriate boxes to register for High School Electives. All electives are 1/2 credit.

If you are choosing to take University courses, please list them here. If you are taking the University dual credit Full Program, list the university courses here and then go to the High School Full Program above to choose the High School courses you would like to take. Please contact the office if you have questions.

Please let us know who to thank for your application to AIOA.

By typing your name above, you agree to the terms and policies set in the AIOA Student Handbook found on the Registration page.

Please leave any comments about your registration above.


You can upload your Web Consent form here or email it at a later date. Maximum size 10MB

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