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The face of learning has changed tremendously with the popularity of web based learning.  The traditional classroom is transforming and AIOA is on the forefront of this movement. 

Let us show you how our Learning Centers will provide an engaging and personalized experience for each student. 

Let us show you how AIOA will help your organization or home schooling group to utilize this fantastic educational experience.

AIOA believes each student is unique and can meet or exceed their potential, and AIOA will provide a quality standards based education with a distance learning supported curriculum using state of the art technologies. At AIOA we offer each student the tools and resources that they need to become successful and accomplished students. Our teachers and staff members are patient and experienced and will work alongside the student, in cooperation with the parents, for superior achievement. Every student will have a variety of courses to choose from that meet the standards required for a unique education tailored to that student. AIOA will create learning opportunities for academic growth in all areas of learning and in all disciplines. AIOA will adapt curriculum to meet students’ academic abilities and aptitudes. AIOA provides highly qualified, licensed and professional educators to meet the needs of each student in an individually personalized learning plan. AIOA believes in a strong sense of community and diversity, and AIOA is open to students worldwide as well as the United States. AIOA believes that accountability is paramount; therefore, we are accredited with the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), which is under AdvancEd. AIOA is a private institution, governed by an acting Board of Education that upholds the regulations and requirements for a successful educational environment.
Recognition by USA Colleges and Universities Recognition by US Department of Education US Government Accountability Office 2005 Study says: 84% of classes from Regionally Accredited schools (like AIOA) are accepted by universities Only 14% of classes from Nationally Accredited schools are accepted by universities Your Diploma will be recognized by other schools. advancED_logo  

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